Tree pruning and removal services for Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, and Running Springs

Mission Statement

At Mountain Tree Service, Inc., our mission is to preserve trees to enhance the quality of life for property owners and future generations.  Our goal is to provide professional arboriculture work at reasonable prices.  We also aspire to provide the highest level of service and customer satisfaction in the industry.  Our team of highly educated professionals maintains an exceptional level of knowledge and experience through continual education, training, research, and adherence to industry standards.  We also vow continuing support of various charitable organizations in our mountain communities.  

Fall & Spring Specials

Fall and spring are great for planting trees.  We can offer help and advise you on tree species selection and determine a sensible planting shceme that makes sense to you.  We can plant trees you provide or trees we procure for you.  When we are involved in nursery tree selection, you can rest assured we have inspected them for  health, a strong canopy architecture, and a desirable root structure.  PLANT MORE TREES, SAVE MORE MONEY.  Plant 2 to 5 trees, save 5% .  Plant 6 trees or more and save 10% .   

Programs for Landowners

Have a hazardous or dead tree in your yard or need to clear a large parcel for fire protection or development?  We can assist you in finding programs available to save landowners considerably.  These programs come and go, so check with us to see what is currrently available. 

Certified Arborist Performing and Inspection